2006 November

28 Nov: Jerry Garcia

To answer the jerry garcia question: The “dead” was booked on the roseanne show for halloween, and just the week before, jerry garcia died. I felt like he was guiding me on that particular episode, it is the one I directed and I felt he was coming to me in dreams and telling me to play his song titled “Brothers and Sisters”, which I used as the soundtrack for that episode.… Keep on reading

28 Nov: Domestic Goddess – Part 4 – Wiccans and the Closing of the Bookstore

Before, we always argued to keep wiccans out, mostly because we felt that they were counter revolutionary, in that they settled for personal politics and sexual power games over Radical Feminist analysis of Socialism.
Also, too, the wiccans were still largely heterosexual and were fighting with their own lesbianing factioners over the issue of males leading their worship circles…the straight women preferred their husbands as Priestesses to lesbians, whom they said were “too male”.… Keep on reading