2006 October

28 Oct: Reaping the Karma

I think the repubs are going to win again, without giving up too many seats or support… I think its good too… they will not be able to blame the dems or other people for the worsening troubles in this country. For once they will have to stay on the hot seat and actually do something besides horde… (shop).… Keep on reading

27 Oct: Watch the Call-In from 10/25/2006

Watch the Call-In Show from October 25th with our first guest, John Argent.

I love Johnny’s point (in the call in show) that although he respects people, he doesn’t respect their religious beliefs, and feels that this is the time to show scorn and contempt for all hateful separatist myths that pacify the masses so that they do not question the people at the top who are psychopaths and hoarders, and warmongers.… Keep on reading

26 Oct: We Are All the Same Asshole

I am thinking of what happened on the show last night… I was so filled with the Holy Spirit, I loved it. When the spirit moved me to rebuke the power of Satan to confound the minds of man, I let ‘er rip!!! I was filled with the truth of the Lord:

For there is no truth but the truth

The truth is that greed and violence and hatred and division, can only exist in an atmosphere of self righteousness.… Keep on reading