We Are All the Same Asshole

I am thinking of what happened on the show last night… I was so filled with the Holy Spirit, I loved it. When the spirit moved me to rebuke the power of Satan to confound the minds of man, I let ‘er rip!!! I was filled with the truth of the Lord:

For there is no truth but the truth

The truth is that greed and violence and hatred and division, can only exist in an atmosphere of self righteousness. It is self righteousness that is indeed the Power of Satan. Only awe and humility serve the Lord. Be certain of your uncertainty… you really do not know fucking jackshit about god, you big-mouthed sinner. Sit down and listen. Get off your pills. Have a drink every night and fucking relax. You are going to die, so be nice to everyone for the little bit of time you are down here. You are down here to pay off a debt you owe. Pay it, change it, do it, fix it now while you can, for the hour of the Lord is nigh’.
We are all exactly the SAME!!!!
“WE ARE ALL THE SAME ASSHOLE”… (lenny bruce said this, and he was a god channeler)
Yeahhhh!!!!! Happy Halloween!!!!!!!!!
from the wicked