Seven Days at Minmum Wage

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Seven Days at Minimum Wage.
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‘Domestic Goddess’ Joins Fight for Minimum Wage Increase
This email came from Pam after watching:

You are so right about minimum wage. It is not a surviving wage. It is a drowning wage where people like Judge Judy can criticize them for not trying hard enough, not working hard enough. There are so many issues facing Americans today and it is time the rest of America wakes up. The couple who spoke on the vlog probably have no benefits of any kind either and a health crisis will put them in a worse financial hole. Then the “holier than thous” can look at them as “deadbeats” when they can’t pay the medical expenses.
Please take on the health issues across America.
My daughter has been a diabetic since she was 6. She is now 23, with no health care. Social Security will not approve her for disability which would allow her to at least have a Medicaid card. Medicaid will not help her unless SS approves her as disabled, she gets pregnant, or if she were just released from jail. What a way to encourage young people to stay out of trouble!
I am a widow on a limited income. Until recently I purchased her insulin out of Canada. With the new laws, if I continue to do that, customs can take the insulin and we will be out of medicine and the money.
For 16 years I was the working director of the Magic Valley Children’s Medical Fund in Idaho, saving the state thousands of dollars by assisting kids with life threatening medical conditions. Yet, when my own child needed help from the state, she was turned down.
We have not asked for a handout, just a handup.
Thanks so much for bringing the minimum wage issue to the public.
Pam D.