Call-In on Wednesday – 10/25/2006

This wed. night for the call in show we will be welcoming our first guest, John Argent. He is an intelligent man, as well as a writer, songwriter and musician who has a lot to say about his disdain for all things religious, and he talks about how “Power” needs the religious as useful idiots to keep it going. He is a thought provoking person for sure. Call in and you can hear him, and talk to him too. Disagree and argue, we love that!!! My new internet call in talk show really fucking turns me on and I love hearing you all bitch about the assholes who run this country and the world along with me!!!!
Don’t forget to watch me on youtube right now too, for “Seven days at minimum wage” too!!! thanks so much for your support. I feel like if we all work it right, RoseanneWorld can become a collective effort that speaks on behalf of the people in this country who are at the bottom of the social heap and have no one else to represent or speak for them. Let’s make sure the democrats listen!!! (we know the repubs dig slave labor, and could give a shit for helping their fellow man)
Call me godammit..let me hear you bitch!!!!
Call-In Show with Roseanne:
Time: Wednesday, October 25th at 7:00 P.M. (PST)
Number to Call: 1-877-900-0123
Topic: What pisses John Argent off?
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