Incoming from The Goddess

Here is some raw data from The Goddess that was beamed into my brain/transmitter this morning after my spiritual cleansing, meditative exercises and morning ritual… (shit shower and shave, as my dad called it)… for those of you who know about my fight with mental illness, who might be suffering from it too, l have chosen to remain unmedicated, and manage my internal war with just meditation and repentance/action. The FACT is that trauma splits a person into different parts. It becomes necessary for the person to deny the trauma/split so that they can continue to lead their totally programmed lives. In order to stay with the program, you must learn to lie to yourself about the fact that the program makes no sense.
Deception is the basis for mental illness. Without deception, it could not exist. When a person becomes divided, they take action which becomes about hiding the fact that they are divided. The main way to do that is to become visible. The more visible the person, the more deception they are hiding.
When the visible people are unmasked as deceptive everyone is shocked. Were they themselves not so divided, they would see the whole truth about a person immediately. There would be no surprises. Surprise is what keeps others off balance, and it is a useful tool of those who wish to remain visible. Surprise is a large part of creating trauma. Surprise mixed with shock and horror creates terrorism.
Power corrupts absolutely, but what about the power to redeem what has been corrupted?
* What about god?
* Who and where is HE?
* Is he a she or is she a he or are they an it?
* If it is an it, can it commune with itself?
* The buddhists say that it can and does just that.
So does that mean buddhists support gay marriage? for christ sake what is really going on? lets talk about it on my call-in show this week… (I do think that god is against gay marriage and any other kind of marriage too. God wants women to have sex with many many partners, but to have no children). God is a woman right now, and will be coming into herself for about another one thousand years). After that she will rule and there will be one thousand years of peace.
She who is and is not yet.