2006 October

29 Oct: Energy Vampires

The way a person chooses to introduce themselves is very telling in RW cyberspace. Anyone who is into calling themselves a healer, or a witch or something occult-like, I have found, (through the ten years I have had a site) is usually in fact letting it be known that they are an energy vampire, and their intention is to muffle the message I want to put forth on my site.… Keep on reading

29 Oct: You Can Help Yourself

incoming from the goddess:
I meditate on Shabbat to get in touch with what it is that god wants me to tell people on wed. nights. This week we are going to discuss child abuse, and how children are programmed by it to hate god, and hate the truth. I am also going to be showing a brief demonstration of how I meditate(pray) to deal with being mentally ill, and how that has been the best treatment of all those treatments given me by psychiatrists and doctors since I was seven years old.… Keep on reading